Complete Marketing Solutions (CMS) is a full-service marketing consulting firm specializing in business-to-business marketing. We help you identify your target audience and the best ways to reach them. Whenever possible, we utilize the latest technology tools to track campaign metrics.

Tradeshow Services

Few marketing efforts consume more time and financial resources than trade shows. Somehow the date sneaks up and then it’s a scramble to get organized and ready for the show. CMS eliminates the last-minute preparations by providing comprehensive trade show services.


Consulting with you, CMS can help you research and identify which trade shows would be best for your organization to exhibit, to maximize your available budget. We’ll help you select the best booth location to take full advantage of both traffic and brand awareness. We can also:

  • order all exhibitor services, from carpeting to lighting to trash cans
  • confirm all exhibitor services in advance of the show
  • decipher which lead collector system is best and arrange for that service
  • identify and program customized data fields within lead collector system
  • design and implement all pre-show communications with attendees
  • design and place website and print program advertising with the show producers
  • write press releases in advance of show, and for distribution to press at show
  • manage the selection and acquisition of logoed items (giveaways)
  • arrange and confirm transportation, hotel, meeting room, and dinner reservations
  • help you plan and implement special events for your customers or leads during or after show hours


If you’re feeling a little light on staffing, CMS can help. We provide a myriad of on-site trade show services:

  • booth set-up and take-down
  • acquisition and return of lead scanner, forms and other materials
  • placement of press releases or other materials
  • training booth personnel on best practices
  • runner to communicate with show organizers
  • substitute booth personnel for breaks and lunches
  • dedicated person for lead capture
  • greet and pre-qualify booth visitors
  • full-time booth personnel


After the show ends there is usually a huge sigh of relief! But the marketing efforts need to continue. This is the time to ensure that the proper post-show communications occur with the new leads generated. We can help you:

  • enter leads into your database
  • write and send post-show email campaigns
  • write scripts for salesperson follow-up
  • train salespeople on best follow-up techniques
  • secure your booth for next year’s show

Email Campaigns

The keystone of any successful email campaign is the contact list. CMS can provide a targeted contact list for your industry that will help you reach your audience via the most cost-effective medium available today. Then we’ll develop an email campaign strategy to deliver that message creatively and yet concisely.

Strategically incorporating your email message into multiple “touches” or contacts with your customers over time helps to increase brand recognition, reinforce your message, and greatly increase response. CMS can develop an entire “touch plan” that blends your email campaigns with your sales follow-up. We can write your sales scripts and train your salespeople so that the right messaging is conveyed at the right time, coinciding with your email campaigns.

Strategically incorporating your email message into multiple “touches” or contacts with your customers over time helps to increase brand recognition, reinforce your message, and greatly increase response.

Brand Services

Defining your brand can be a time-consuming, research-oriented project. Whether your brand is new to the marketplace or well-established, we can help you define – or refine – who you are and what you do, develop your value proposition, positioning statement, and unique value messages.


Once your brand is defined, the world can be told through creative collateral pieces. Whether it’s a one-page electronic overview of your company, or a multi-page full-color, printed catalog, CMS can create the perfect collateral piece to convey who you are and what you do.


From traditional print advertising to modern web ads, CMS can design and implement advertising to effectively reach your target audience with the right message and at the right frequency.


From secondary research of existing data to primary research studies to virtual focus groups, CMS can obtain the key data you need to answer your critical questions. Studies can be designed for research related to your organization’s competition, industry receptivity for a new product or service, brand image and awareness, customer satisfaction, and much more.

Direct Mail

Yes, it is used less and is more expensive than it was in the past, but direct mail definitely has its benefits – namely, that it commands the undivided attention of the recipient. From postcards to letter campaigns to specialty pieces, CMS can manage your entire direct mail project, including design, printing, lettershop, mail house, postage and delivery.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Whether your organization is an expert at social media or just starting to explore this new media, Complete Marketing Solutions can help with your content marketing needs. We can write regular or periodic blogs, create a strategy for tweeting, or even establish your organization’s presence on the key social media sites. We can also create and implement a strategy for regular content creation, to complement your other social media efforts or direct marketing campaigns.

Public Relations

CMS provides numerous indirect marketing services, collectively referred to as Public Relations. These are typically professionally-written documents which can be used to expand your brand’s reach, name recognition, and marketplace position. Combined with direct marketing efforts such as Email Campaigns, Trade Shows or Advertising, Public Relations can help position your organization as an expert and thought leader in your industry.

  • Bylined Article – a ghost-written article that has the byline of an executive from your organization; typically is one magazine page in length; are pitched to publications for placement on their website or in a printed trade journal
  • Case Study – a 3- to 4-page document that describes how one of your customers used your product or service to solve a unique problem, and the success that they had in using your solution
  • Press Release – a short piece specifically written to notify the target audience of a newsworthy item; topics range from key new hires, to new product or service releases, to an upgraded website, to significant charitable contributions, and more
  • White Paper – an 8- to 12-page document that describes in detail one of your organization’s products or services; is often a technically-oriented piece

Marketing Consulting / Strategy

Complete Marketing Solutions is available to help you with whatever marketing question or project you may have. Need a temporary marketing manager while someone is out of the office? Need to create a marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin? Has your organization tried a lot of marketing efforts but just aren’t getting good results? CMS can help with all of this and more. Contact us to discuss your situation and explore our consulting options.

  • Quick Consulting Services – Wish you could talk through your strategy and get a second opinion? Sometimes all it takes is a single call to get moving in the right direction. Engage with CMS for a short consulting session via telephone or web conference. Services are available in one-hour blocks of time, at your discretion. Our goal is to provide the guidance you need, at the time that you need it.