Three reasons a trade show is worth your money

Offshore Energy 2013. Image courtesy Engineering Capacity

Here at Complete Marketing Solutions we know Trade Shows represent a huge investment of both time and money. Not only do you incur the cost of renting a space, but there are also the costs of putting together a great exhibit to fill that space, plus travel expenses, staffing the booth, training the staff, etc. In the end your company is left with the question – is this even worth it?

We think the answer is, absolutely! And here are three reasons why.

1. One booth, thousands of potential new customers

If you have done good research and selected the right show to reach your target audience, your customers are coming to you. Instead of investing large amounts of money into mass marketing, you can focus on marketing your products in one single place, to an audience who is already interested in your products and services. And, you can use time at the show to set up individual meetings with various potential buyers, having preliminary conversations and screening each, saving time down the road. A booth at a show provides potential customers with easy access to you, as the option for show attendees to travel once yet compare several different companies is very attractive. It’s like having your very own retail store for a day.

2. Gain intel on your competitors and your market

Trade shows provide you with a unique opportunity to check in on your market, learn where the industry is going, and see what the competition is doing. You can take a look at their booths, their products, and even watch to see what isn’t working for your potential customers. Who are your competitors talking with? Try to talk with those same customers. Which booths are attracting the most traffic? Which are attracting the least? Can you or your team figure out why? Never underestimate the power of observation; being a wallflower for a few hours could gain you knowledge and customers.

3. Create brand awareness.

Trade shows are a great place to develop and strengthen your brand with thousands of potential customers. Get your company name out there – be creative with your display and make sure that you have a consistent brand presentation. Whether your customers are visiting your booth, your social media pages or your website, they should be able to easily recognize your company and your brand. Exhibiting at the same show year after year also helps to build consistency for your brand and will make your booth a must-visit for existing and potential customers.

Will a trade show benefit your business? Find out!